Key achievements
  • 15.000+ Women trained on business skills
  • 21.000+ Women participated in Women Innovation Festivals
  • 18.000+ Women in entrepreneurship and business
  • 5.000+ Women participated in 50+ networking events

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Our activities

Capacity building

Develop and implement training programs to improve capacity in the fields of finance, marketing, operations, leadership skills, etc. Helping women entrepreneurs improve and grow their businesses.

Incubation & Acceleration

The 6-month Accelerated Incubation Program is built based on the needs and capabilities of female founders/co-founders. For more information:


Start-up and business mentoring program with a network of experienced mentors who have the desire to give back to the community, connect and help women-led businesses to develop themselves and their businesses. For more information:

Financial connection

Promote female-led startups and female-owned SMEs to gain access to financial support resources, investment from VCs and WISE's angel investor network.

Community Building

Building a community of women-led businesses of +15,000 members with the goal of increasing access to support resources for women in business


Research and advocate for policies to support women who own businesses in Vietnam to access appropriate support resources to help them develop and succeed.

Our Partners