Research on the competitive advantages of start-up businesses


From August to October 2017, WISE, in collaboration with the UK university group (Loborough University, Heriot-Watt University, University of Birmingham) and other partners carried out the international research project on the process of transferring and adapting knowledge of startups and entrepreneurs in Vietnam’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The research object of this project consists of two start-up entrepreneurs: entrepreneurs who have lived and worked abroad (returnees) and local entrepreneurs (local) who have never traveled. study or work abroad.

Many entrepreneurs start their previous knowledge and experience in the process of working and studying at domestic and foreign companies, or while living and working abroad. The study desires to understand how the process of applying and adjusting this knowledge to existing businesses is appropriate to the situation to achieve the highest efficiency. This knowledge includes business model, management experience, professional knowledge, market or technology knowledge, patent development … that entrepreneurs are applying to their businesses.

In addition, the research team would like to listen to the evaluation of start-up businesses about the business environment in Vietnam, including Vietnam’s legal system, entrepreneurship support policies and entrepreneurship ecosystems, thereby contributing to building recommendations and policies to support entrepreneurs to start and develop Vietnam’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.