Project Overview


WEAVE is a program organized by the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (CBF), applying digital technology to support, empower and train business women like you in Vietnam and Indonesia. In Vietnam, CBF partners with WISE to implement the project with the goal of helping women build the skills they need to thrive in business.

Through the three components of the WEAVE program (HerVenture – Road to Growth – Mentoring Program), women entrepreneurs can access training content, have the opportunities to participate in training activities that align with their development plan, extend their network with other entrepreneurs and develop more important business skills to help them get through the challenges of doing business amid the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact.

HerVenture – A mobile leaning application that helps female entrepreneurs build the skills, confidence and networking they need to grow their businesses. HerVenture provides essential business training and support that empowers women to access information to build skills “anywhere, anytime”. As the first component of the WEAVE program, this app gives learners access to learning content on a variety of business topics such as starting a business, product innovation, expanding market access and branding. e-commerce. Users can choose the right content to build their own learning plans, find and connect with other female entrepreneurs, and learn about local business events. HerVenture can be easily downloaded from App store or Google Play.

Road to Growth – A 6 week blended learning programme providing women with skills and tools to become successful owners of small and growing businesses 

Road to Growth is a collaborative venture developed to build the business skills and investment readiness of women entrepreneurs. Building on our learnings to date and existing research, the project uses a ‘blended learning’ approach, which combines in-class training with a unique, custom-built online learning tool.


Upon completion of the Road to Growth component, women entrepreneurs have the opportunity to participate in a mentoring program, the final component of the WEAVE program. By joining the program as a mentor, they’ll receive continued support, reinforcing what they’ve learned through the HerVenture learning app and the previous Road to Growth.

Through the mentoring program, mentees can achieve outstanding results, from adjusting/updating business plans and strategies to product development, self-confidence, building Build essential skills, improve financial system efficiency, grow their network and more!

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