Trần Thanh Huyền – True Juice – From passion to business


WIth a passion for Juice and Yoga, in early 2017, Tran Thanh Huyen founded True Juice – a pioneer unit that periodically provides programs of cold juice from whole fruits and vegetables to help improve public health. .

In the last 2 years, True Juice has proudly served thousands of customers, helping to improve their health by drinking fresh juice and practicing yoga daily.

Looking back on the early days of True Juice, we faced a lot of challenges; lack of industry expertise, lack of management experience, and most of all the knowledge of how to promote our products in the most authentic and effective way.

We have gradually learned by researching the Internet, especially Facebook.  We discovered many of the available tools and services offered on this wonderful digital platform and were able to learn and do right moves!

Facebook has become the main selling channel of True Juice, contributing to more than 70% of our revenue. In addition to website and blog, 60% of our promotion and marketing activities are carried out on Facebook.

The tools and services provided by Facebook has enabled True Juice to build its brand, reach out to new customers and stay in touch with them. The platform has also helped True Juice to be connect to other partners who share True Juice’s passion for green and healthy lifestyle.

Take advantage of the all the available digital tools, and turn your ideas into reality! Don’t just use Facebook as a daily entertainment channel! Let Facebook help you connect with and create positive values to your community, and also enhance your business performance!