Mentorship Program


Are you a female startup? Are you having difficulty in project operation and development and need expert advice? Moreover, do you need a lead person with rich experience and practical knowledge to support you in the process of operating and developing your business?

Join WISE’s “Mentee Selection March”! The program is coordinated by WISE and its partners with the aim of connecting mentors and mentors of the same value, business point of view so that they can both work together, build a long-term relationship, and help each other keep fire and overcome challenges in the way of starting a business.

Selection process: To ensure the quality of the program, WISE pays great attention in the selection of Mentors / Mentees.

Step 1: Complete the application at the link:

Deadline: Up to 12h on March 14, 2018

Step 2: WISE will send the results and connect the mentor to each Startup.
Step 3: Please contact WISE for assistance, if you feel that Mentor is not suitable for your project.

WISE wants to facilitate, support the connection between female startups (Mentee) with experienced experts in each field, help startups confidently develop their business projects.