Launching WISE Women Innovation Challenge 2018


To apply to WISE Women Innovation Challenge before 15th May 2018 at

PROGRAM FOR WOMEN STARTUPS – A Pioneer to Support Women to Start a Business

Hanoi, Vietnam, March 28, 2018 – The Creative Startup for Women Competition (WISE Women Innovation Challenge, or WISE Challenge for short) is officially registered to attend from now until the end of 15 months. 5 years 2018. Women-owned and operated start-ups in Mekong countries (including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) can now access useful resources to bring businesses my career has taken a new step.

In the past decades, women have made great strides and achieved great success. Even so, they still face more challenges than men in the start-up process, especially when calling for investment. Women have a lot of potential in innovation but need strong support and support to help them realize ideas, put ideas into business and develop their business ”- Ms. Tu Thu Hien, House Founder and Director of WISE share.


“By assisting women entrepreneurs to solve gender-specific issues, we hope that WISE Challenge will create a significant impact, promoting women’s participation in activities. doing business, thereby creating jobs and making a stronger contribution to regional economic development ”- Mr. Dominic Mellor, Senior Economist, Asian Development Bank (ADB); Director of the Mekong Region Private Sector Initiative (MBI) said.

Organized with the aim of encouraging and supporting female-owned businesses, WISE Challenge is the first competition in the Mekong region for startups and innovation for women with intensive support programs. and designed according to the needs of the finalists. Women-founded startups and co-founders with creative and scalable business models will have the opportunity to introduce their businesses, be connected with startup consultants, access investment, market access and network expansion, and have the opportunity to win valuable prizes.

The competition supports female startups to develop their innovative solutions through the following activities:

· Promote images, expand connections, train and finance

· Promote cross-border knowledge transfer and technology transfer within and outside the Mekong region

· Connecting organizations and individuals in the national and regional innovation innovation ecosystem

· Attract potential resources to support women’s businesses during and after the competition.

WISE Challenge is a meaningful activity in a series of programs to support accelerated start-ups organized by the Mekong Region Support Initiative (MBI), including: Mekong Mekong Technology Challenge Program (MATCh); Innovative Challenge Program with financial technology FCV (Fintech Challenge Vietnam); Initiative for Mekong Tourism Startup (MIST) and Search for Vietnam Smart City Building Solution (SCIC).

The WISE Challenge is organized with the support of MBI, Australian Government, ADB, Swiss Government Start-up Program and Creative Start-up Space (SIHUB). The contest received the support and support from WISE’s partners, organizations that support women in the country and the region.

We are very interested in investing in businesses founded and run by women. Many empirical evidence has shown that female start-ups create more value for investors than men’s businesses. Female enterprises often focus not only on solving problems but also focusing on business efficiency”- Ms. Jan Lederman, Valhalla Investment Chairman, Canada shared.