Discover HerVenture app with Miss Vietnam Do My Linh


Being a former foreign trade student and having a passion for business since childhood, Miss Vietnam 2016 Do My Linh has always cherished the intention to start a business and pursue a certain business. But from theory to reality is a big gap. Busy daily schedule also makes it hard for Linh to attend intensive training courses. Linh didn’t know where and how to start.

Then fortunately, a close friend told Linh 1 “security” – HerVenture – the application to discover knowledge and business skills on mobile phones!

The application is provided completely free of charge, is available on mobile phones and is built in Vietnamese language, helping Vietnamese women to easily access the useful knowledge. Each lesson is designed to be concise, only 3 to 7 minutes, allowing learners to access offline and take the initiative in time and study flexibly.

And since then, HerVenture has been attached to Linh anytime and anywhere, during make-up to attend the event, when the coffee waits to meet a partner, or even a few minutes to wait for the car to come, Linh also learns a business lesson.

Let’s follow Do My Linh’s story and discover for myself why Linh and thousands of other women are so passionate about HerVenture!
To download and use: In the search section of the Play Store (C / H Play or Google Play) on phones using the Android operating system, enter HerVenture and download and follow the instructions.

The main components are in HerVenture:

  • Business building
  • Product adjustment and innovation
  • Entering new markets
  • Expanding business and human resource management
  • Access to fund and investment

Read more to see how users respond to HerVenture:

HerVenture is a free App built by the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, founded by Ms. Cherie Blair – former British Prime Minister’s wife (Tony Blair). She is also a leading British women’s rights advocate and lawyer. In Vietnam, WISE is the main partner promoting the application through different activities. The program is non-profit, aimed to supporting the community of women entrepreneurs and young people to start a business.