IGNITE Initiative: Unleashing the power of women entrepreneurs


WISE is proud to be one of four implementing partners under the IGNITE INITIATIVE: UNLEASHING THE POWER OF WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS which is sponsored by Mastercard Impact Fund from 2020 – 2022.

The IGNITE Initiative unleashes the power of women entrepreneurs in major urban and periurban centers of Vietnam. It increases their access to finance, technology, information, and entrepreneurial networks through collaboration among financial service providers (FSPs), business accelerators, and NGO partners. Vision The IGNITE Initiative ensures a landscape that promises.

WISE, CARE, VP Bank and Canal Circle will work together to ensure a landscape that promises greater opportunity for women entrepreneurs, which will accordingly promote their economic empowerment.

WISE will deliver a comprehensive, 1-1 support package for at least 500 strivers. This intensive package will include a series of skills building modules informed by a customized business analysis. Women strivers and emerging entrepreneurs will be recruited across Vietnam via WISE’s existing network. After completing the skills building program, strivers will be supported by a network of mentors to put their learning into practice, including getting advice for real-time business concerns.

The Initiative is expected to benefit 50,000 women entrepreneurs, in which, 15,000 are new customers via Financial Products and Services; and reach 965,000 women entrepreneurs via Entrepreneurship Outreach Campaign and engage 10% of them into the program.